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by Admin on February 26, 2013

How Important is Ellagic Acid?bodyimage

The Medical University of South Carolina considers the findings regarding ellagic acid powerful enough to initiate a study of human, female volunteers infected with the human papilloma virus in their cervix to determine if this will decrease their chance of developing cervical cancer. 

Dr. Nixon’s work at the Medical University of South Carolina’s Hollings Cancer Institute determined that ellagic acid could kill cervical cells infected with the papilloma virus.  It is known that the human papilloma viruses 16 and 18 probably cause most of the cervical cancers treated today.

The information regarding ellagic acid causing death of the cells that may result in cancer has prompted a study of high risk patients for developing colon cancer.  This study is also underway at the Hollings Cancer Institute.  Individuals with intestinal polyps that cause cancer are being given raspberry material to see if this will reduce their chance of cancer.  The initial findings are encouraging, but not yet conclusive.

The University of Colorado will also be conducting a similar study regarding colon cancer prevention.  Many of these studies are funded by grants from the United States government because it is believed that simple ways of reducing cancer rates will result in less expense in treating our aging population.

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