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by Admin on March 18, 2020

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“Dear Jim,

In Nov 2018, I woke up with the right side of my face numb and tingling. An MRI showed that I had a brain tumor called a meningioma. MD Anderson suggested an 11 hour craniotomy surgery to take care of my problem. I decided to go with a less invasive procedure called Cyberknife Surgery which is a guided radiation therapy.
An earlier Pet-scan revealed that I had breast cancer metastasis throughout my body. It was a terminal diagnosis. Western medical protocol said my only resort was to undergo aromatase inhibitor treatment.
I had toxic reactions which included extreme weight loss, night sweats, unable to hold my balance, unable to drive safely and my speech was also affected. All of this culminated in a fainting spell, concussion and a fractured sternum.
I was introduced to Black/Red Raspberry Gold which I take daily. My cancer markers have gone down and I am gaining weight and getting my strength back. I attribute this recovery, albeit early, to using this product. The body and leg pains that I experienced have lessened. When I stop taking it I notice the pain and discomfort returns.
I am extremely grateful to have found this remedy and thank Dr. Jim for his knowledge and research which has made this product available. Whenever I call he is courteous and has always been compassionate and generous with his time.”

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Testimonial: “I knew I had breast cancer. I didn’t want to go the medical route, but I did ask an oncologist to just look at it. He said it appeared to be at stage 4. He offered an alternative medicine protocol that has been very successful for many people, but I couldn’t feel good about the debt I was sure to incur. I believed I could find a nutrition-based solution. I called Dr. Jim in September 2019 after reading Outsmart Your Cancer and he suggested I get the Black/Red blend. I took a scoop of the powder morning and night. I noticed positive changes after a week. I also took Immpower from the Harmony company. It’s now the end of January 2020 and the appearance of my breast is much better. I feel healthy. Dr. Jim really cares about the people who call in. He goes the extra mile to help people.”

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