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Doug’s Story – A Must Read*

The following is another Raspberrygold success story.  This testimonial is written exactly as written by loyal customer, Doug Friedersdorf.  (Warning:  Pictures are graphic, but a TRUE testimonial to Raspberrygold and its effect on Squamous Cell Cancer)

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“Dr. Webb –

I noticed a small growth on my left hand in Oct. 2013.  It continued to grow and my family doctor cut it out on December 13, 2013.  The biopsy report came back: Squamous Cell Cancer, Margins Clear

1/3/14 – A growth in the exact spot started growing again.

2/13/14 – My family doctor again cut it out.  Biopsy report:  Squamous Cell Cancer, Margins Clear

3/11/14 – Again, noticed a growth starting in the same area.

After the second removal, my wife had read the book “Outsmart Your Cancer” and became interested in Raspberrygold.  I called and talked to Dr. Jim Webb.   I ordered it as a preventive measure but soon after noticing the 3rd re-occurrence, started taking it.

3/15/14 – Started taking Raspberrygold.

March 28

3/19-3/28/14 –

The black areas on the surface fell off with changes daily.

March 19 March 22 March 28

3/30/14 – More black areas growing out.

March 30

4/8/14 – Area getting smaller.

April 8


4/13/14 – More black surfaces fell off.
April 13April 13 B


4/14-4/17/14 – White “sprouts’ growing out.

April 14April 15April 16April 17


4/18/14 – Everything fell off! And gradually healed completely.

April 18

11/23/14 – Still no occurrence.

Nov 23

I have talked to Dr. Jim Webb personally several times and appreciate his willingness to answer lots of questions and his encouragement.

On September 15, 2014, I decreased the dose by half (at the 6 month marker).

Today is February 22, 2015 and still no re-occurrence, and I will decrease the dose again on March 15, 2015 (one year mark).

I will continue on that dose as a maintenance dose until that day when God calls me home.

Thank you Dr. Webb for your product,

Doug Friedersdorf”


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This letter was reproduced and appears here with the written authorization of Doug Friedersdorf.

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