Update on Cathy

Aug 31
Dear Dr. Webb,

I just wanted to send you an update concerning my health status. The last time I wrote was in March. I was feeling so much better, coming from metastasized cancer in all my bones and in a wheel chair, to walking again, and starting to feel much stronger. As I stated, I started the Raspberry Gold in November 2013 a couple of weeks after I had a follow-up PET scan that showed my cancer was stable but still very much alive throughout my entire skeletal system. In March 2014, I had another PET scan. This one showed NO cancer. You could see the scars throughout my bones. In June 2014 I had another PET scan which showed that those scars were starting to heal. I have continued to Raspberry Gold faithfully. And I am continuing to see improvement in my health.

I thank the Lord for helping me find your website.


Cathy J.

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