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3 Months to Live – Cathy’s Survival Story*

3 Months to Live – Cathy’s Survival Story
Author: Her Husband

Throughout the year of 2012 my wife Cathy had been in slow but declining physical condition. She constantly complained of painful body aches and pains and expressed she felt structurally “fragile”. After an event where she accidentally twisted her back she was thereafter forced to spend most of her time in bed off of her feet. Very concerned with this decline and wanting to feel better Cathy finally went to see a local Naturopathic practitioner. Some significant dietary changes were recommended along with some physical therapy. The therapy seemed to give only very temporary relief from her pain and, sometimes, even made it worse. By the time of my nephew’s graduation at the end of May 2013, she was in constant terrible pain and was using continuous strong doses of Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen to control it. Right after the graduation Cathy and I and our two daughters left on a three week grand tour road trip across the United States to California and back seeing some of the great vistas in the Southwestern U.S. On the outbound leg, though in considerable pain, Cathy was able to participate in seeing the sites with us even taking a half-mile-long stroll through Carlsbad Caverns. Once we arrived in California the level of pain she was experiencing seemed to dramatically increase and she was finding it harder and harder to do any physical activity at all.

By the time we left California and headed back East towards home she could, only, with an all out effort, make the journey from our SUV to the hotel room and only with my continuous assistance holding her up. In Salt Lake City there was a point where I had to swerve to get through traffic to get to where we needed to go. Cathy wasn’t expecting the move and she jolted with surprise. She said she had excruciating pain in her hip. From that point, for the rest of the trip home, Cathy was in so much pain and so helplessly weak that she could not sit even to use the toilet but had to stand with my assistance in the shower to urinate. It was by pure divine providence that she could tolerate sitting in our SUV’s front passenger seat to continue the journey home. Everything was focused on getting Cathy home to medical attention there rather than stopping somewhere along the way if we could possibly help it. If she had to be hospitalized anywhere along the way that’s where she’d be stuck for however long it took for her to recover, as our reasoning went, and that could be a very long and expensive time trying to commute to wherever she was and, at home, she would have the support of her extended family.

By the time we arrived home we suspected that Cathy had experienced a back fracture of some sort and our trip had somehow exacerbated the injury so, the next morning, we made the trip to emergency room. There the ER doctor showed us the x-ray picture of Cathy’s back with a clear compression fracture of the L2 vertebrae. To determine the course of treatment by the neurologist to reconstruct her back, Cathy was scheduled for an MRI later that week. Within a couple of hours of the MRI being taken the ER doctor called back and told Cathy she was very sorry to have to bear the news that Cathy had lesions – what I would describe when I saw the pictures, as large circular cavities – on virtually every bone in her body from the skull to the thighs “consistent with advanced metastatic disease.” The lesion in the L2 vertebrae had grown so large that it had collapsed with just the slightest twist of her back during our trip back from California. In short, her bones and the blood-making morrow in them were being rapidly eaten away by an extremely aggressive cancer. The bones in her hips were so far gone they could fracture at any time, which would have required a hip replacement for her to ever walk again. A check of metastatic bone cancer on the internet revealed the worst possible news: there was no known medicinal cure for metastatic bone cancer and precious little that could even slow it down. Medically speaking, it was clearly a death sentence. No words can say how devastated we were at this revelation and, of course, we were all frightened of what we faced as a family. If Cathy went to the hospital would she ever return home? If she did would it be to live out a few remaining weeks before passing away? How would I be able to raise my two girls without their mother? It was all unthinkable disaster!

Our first oncologist appointment was discouraging. At best all he could offer us was a short extension of time to put off the inevitable using a “promising” new chemotherapy protocol being tested at Hershey Medical Center and Johns Hopkins Medical Center. After some time for prayer and reflection I began to think about solutions because just waiting for Cathy to simply pass away was NOT acceptable to me. Because of my education in physical science, I knew that when it gets down to electrons and molecules inside of living cells there is cause and effect for everything that happens including the existence of cancer. Cancer could not be some sort of mystical supernatural killer against, which, we are completely helpless if we understand what is happening and why. From our Internet research it was clear that cancer occurs only because the environmental conditions are right for the necessary biological reactions to occur. The trick, then, was to figure out how to take away those conditions so the reactions that give life to cancer could no longer occur. To this end Cathy and I began to bend our research efforts. At the same time, I possessed some prior knowledge concerning treatment possibilities for cancer, no matter how virulent that held out some hope. I resolved that we could and would defeat this destroyer if we only would do it armed just with the little bit of knowledge that I had at the time. In time we found we would need far more powerful supplements to win the battle outright but I knew where to start.

Growing up in California my parents had been involved in multi-level marketing sales of food supplements and from my parents I had learned the critical importance of consuming live food and the dangers posed by the consumption of toxins, substances with “free-radical ions”, and highly refined carbohydrates that make up the dominate volume of the Western fast-food diet. I also knew that the biochemistry of animate matter – living cells – was almost completely incompatible with the chemistry that makes up the dominate majority of what we consume from the modern supermarket or fast food restaurant. In addition, as a Christian, I was familiar with Genesis 1:29 where we find the designed diet of the human species laid out. Each person, an incredibly complex cellular system, is born with a “life-force battery” that keeps them animate until, subject to the natural laws of energy conservation and entropy at the molecular level or from damages to the cellular system, that battery runs out and the person ceases to live. For these reasons, from the day we got the diagnosis, Cathy ceased consumption of all refined sugar to the greatest extent possible – she even tried to greatly limit the amount of fruit she consumed and drank very little fruit juice – my father-in-law and I began making vegetable juice so that Cathy was consuming some 27 to 30 ounces divided into three daily doses. Doing some research on the internet we decided that the best recipe of items for our healing juice was to make it primarily of carrots and celery juice with the juices of beets and beet tops, radishes, and kale included. It proved to be quite a nasty tasting brew but, like any other medicine, it was taken despite the difficulty overcoming the gag reflex.

As we continued our juicing and abstinence from refined sugar and flour Cathy entered on her course of chemotherapy and radiation treatments and the hunt for the source of the cancer continued. It had been determined early on from testing that the cancer had metastasized to the bone and some lymph nodes from some place else. It was finally discovered that the source of all the huge amount of damage to her body had been caused by a breast tumor that was no larger than a pea! Unbelievable! The radiation therapy was palliative care designed to ease Cathy’s intense hip pain and beat back the cancer in her hips enough so that the hip ball joint would not break before she was expected to pass away given the short life extension expected from the chemotherapy protocol. Cathy endured a series of surgeries to remove the pea-sized breast tumor and a couple of cancerous lymph nodes for biopsy purposes and the installation of a “chemotherapy port” making her look quite “Frankensteinian” with all the surgery scars, but then the surgeon didn’t need to be particularly careful about scarring because she was not expected to live long enough for it to matter.

As Cathy went through the chemotherapy treatment series she was surviving them quite well without experiencing any of the fearful “side effects” that many others were suffering using the same drugs. We don’t know for sure but we suspect that the ease of her journey through her chemotherapy course was because of the vegetable juice and the supplements she was taking. One of the effects of the cancer and the chemotherapy was a precipitous drop in the white blood cell count. In the search for what naturally occurring foods there might available be to boost blood production we came across the blue/green algae foods Chlorella and Spirulina. Initially, we took them in pill form in doses far too low to be really significant for healing, but Cathy did take just enough to get her blood counts up to a low but safe level allowing her to continue the chemotherapy treatment. Cathy was not expected to live through eight of the twelve treatments but she went through all twelve to amazement of her oncology physician.

By the end of the primary chemotherapy series and entering into a maintenance dose series of the chemotherapy potions, Cathy seemed somewhat improved, able to get around slowly by the use of a cane instead of being utterly wheelchair-bound and she was starting to drive again. Though she was still suffering a great deal of pain from her eaten and broken bones she was just able to resume her organist job experiencing a lot pain doing it but, nevertheless, thankful that she could. When the scheduled time of her post-treatment CT scan arrived in November 2013, I expected that the chemotherapy had arrested the growth of the cancer and that the supplementation had been sufficient to kill it. It was with considerable consternation on my part that the scan showed the cancer was all still there and alive but the oncology physician was ecstatic that the growth had been arrested and some of the wrecked bone was showing signs of healing regrowth. At the same time further study had shown that Cathy was taking way far too little Chlorella and Spirulina to be really effective in supporting healing and regrowth. Everything else she was taking was already at the maximum dosages that Cathy could stand so we became aware that we were in for a long arduous uncertain siege with the cancer. There had to be a better, more effective way to fight the cancer on the molecular bio-chemical level!

It was about this time that Cathy kept running across the website The website was offering for sale powdered raspberry seed. The website also cited some biological evidence for how ellagitannins were highly effective in killing cancer cells after conversion by the digestive system of the ellagitannins to ellagic acid. The three primary effects of bathing cancer cells, of any kind, in biologically-active ellagic acid was first to interrupt the cell division mechanism of cancer cells, reactivating apoptosis in cancer cells, and biochemically shields normal and reconstructed DNA from destructive mutation by carcinogens. This looked very interesting and plausible but we considered it very expensive and we were a bit wary having gone down the path of investing in expensive supplements that had looked promising but proved unusable because of a soy allergy Cathy temporarily experience and because it contained significant amounts of sugar in some of its products. It took about a month before Cathy decided to make contact with Dr. Jim Webb. After a conversation with him on the phone Cathy and I decided the evidence was convincing enough that it was worth trying medicinal dosages of powder for 4 months. Capsules of raspberry seed powder are offered for sale and they’re easier to take and are effective for preventative doses but it was far too expensive for us to take in the required quantities necessary to attack extensive metastatic cancer in bone tissue.

After only three weeks the changes in Cathy’s visible health were startling. In that period of time she no longer needed a cane and could walk normally for longer and longer distances. Her skin color and health dramatically improved so that she seemed to radiate a healthy glow that I hadn’t seen since we were married almost 30 years before. In short the transformation, from my perspective, was unbelievable. In March of this year (2014) Cathy underwent the next monitoring CT scan to check on the cancer’s stability. The oncologist was stunned to see that the cancer was completely dead! The scars were visible but there was no cancer! Unbelievable! The ellagic acid had worked exactly as advertised. The amazed oncologist had to reschedule and put Cathy through one more confirming CT scan three months later. This one indeed confirmed that the cancer was gone and the bones were beginning to show signs of healing over the scars.

Cathy, when she was diagnosed, was given three months to live and given only palliative care to ease her departure from this world because pharmaceuticals had nothing else to offer. The oncologist did his best to give Cathy some more time using a promising experimental chemotherapy course but that could only hold out the hope for two or three months more. Going off sugar and refined flour products, drinking large quantities of vile tasting vegetable juice full cancer- fighting immune system boosting nutrients, and taking a host of other powerful supplements, including Chlorella and Spirulina, went far to arrest and stabilize the cancer and kept her alive and functioning long after she was expected to have been dead. This course of action might even have won the battle and killed the cancer eventually. However, Cathy’s recovery from a deadly virulent “incurable” cancer in the bones using the prescribed doses of raspberry seed powder over a couple of months was nothing short of miraculous. Cathy has continued using the prescribed dose of raspberry seed powder over the summer and we expect that she will do so for at least a year. A fear of the return of the disease is likely to keep her using the same daily dose for the rest of her life. I take a smaller dose of the powder as well as insurance against getting that fateful diagnosis.

Thanks, Raspberrygold! Your product is a blessing that has the potential to save many other lives.

Sincerely, A Grateful Husband

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