2016 Update on Cathy’s Survival Story

October 1, 2016

“Hi Dr Webb,

I wanted to pass along an update on Cathy… I’ve been pretty busy keeping up with Cathy’s care most of which falls to me. It’s slow going but with marked improvement in overall strength and mental attitude. However, this week we’ve had something of a setback when one of the Hospice CNAs treated her a little too roughly and that has brought on very severe painful leg spasms making it very difficult for me to care for her. Fortunately the Lord has provided curatives for that and we’re working hard to get her back where we were.

In terms of product I’ve just used up all of the black powder now but I still have 5 cans of the mixed black and red powder which should take us to the end of October.

We thank God for the provision and generosity of Raspberry Gold that will ultimately heal Cathy of her dread disease and keep her well in the future.”

Shannon J.

September 16, 2106

“Hi Dr Webb,

I pray that you and Raspberry Gold are found in good health. Cathy’s.recovery continues although it seems slower than the first time around. At this point she is still bed bound and suffers from pain in the left hip from a particularly persistent tumor there. She also suffers from muscle spams in the legs that we’ve been able to mitigate somewhat with physical therapy techniques. There are certainly structural issues to get healed but they are coming along if slowly. On the other hand she was playing the electric piano the other evening and she has so much more flexibility now than she had just a couple of weeks before.

I’ve attached a couple of pictures of my nutrition lab including a couple with Raspberry Gold being poured into a 14 oz cup.

Well Cathy’s asleep so this is an opportunity for me to catch up a bit, too.

May God richly bless you all in your health ministry!”

Shannon J.

August 27, 2016

“Hi Dr Webb,

I apologize for not responding soon to your last message and inquiries. With Cathy being at home now most of the restoration work has fallen on me to do so I haven’t had a lot of time free. Let me say that Cathy’s recovery is moving forward but slowly. Responses seem to come in surges. There is ample evidence that the tumors everywhere are shrinking but they are not going away quietly. She still has a pain point in her left hip that makes care challenging but even there the pain seems to be slowly receding. The primary manifestation of tumor pressure on her spinal cord is a band of numbness across the abdomen and the feeling that her spinal column feels like a board. Even here the abdominal numbness is receding and board feeling in the back has receded from being the full length of the back down to just the lower back and tail bone. She has dramatically better use of her arms and has increased mobility in the feet and ankles. We haven’t made the progress I’d hoped for in the hips and thighs yet but I also haven’t had the time and strength to do the physical therapy she needs to move towards being able to walk again. The other issue we’re dealing with is intense muscle spasms in the legs that keep her up at night but we’re dealing with that with positioning of the knees and essential oils like lavender.

Of course we’re continuing the nutritional regimen that I have detailed in a previous email based on raspberry seed powder from Raspberry Gold and many other elements based on the recommendations of Professor Mike Kalafatis.

In March of 2014 Cathy was declared to be in full remission but we continued using raspberry seed powder along with a powerful vegetable juice (carrot, celery, beets, and radishes). Over the course of a year that included a move to another house we were actually quite faithful in taking the juice and Raspberry Gold but it was at a much reduced amount because, after all, Cathy was now well or so we thought. Starting in April of 2015 Cathy started feeling the first symptoms of a return of the cancer and in June a CT scan revealed she had some active cancer lesions on her bones again. At this time we’d discovered the world of essential oils and Limu Muoi that had concentrated fucoidan in a relatively tasty drink with known powerful cancer fighting properties. The truth is I just couldn’t believe that cancer could become dangerous again with all the things we were doing but that was just the problem. We were doing too many things and soon we weren’t doing any of them consistently and just at the wrong time. We were still taking Raspberry Gold but only intermittently along with vegetable juice. Between April 2015 and June of this year Cathy continued to decline in physical flexibility but I just never thought it could be cancer that was causing the problems. Cathy saw a number of therapists to treat the problems and pain but relief was only temporary. We were finally forced to see reality when she went to the hospital because of a fall due to her legs being too weak to support her weight anymore. We have since been to the local county hospital and to Johns.Hopkins none handing out any hope at all. Just go home and pass away as comfortably as possible. I thank God for his wonderful Providence allowing us to defy that death sentence with the things he has provided for the healing of the nations such as the miracle of Raspberry Gold. For the second and last time Cathy will be brought back from the brink because of it. We have a long road back to full restoration but it’s a road to restoration and not death.

With all praise and thanksgiving,”

Shannon J.